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BAXTER - His Success Story  

Baxter became a member of our family shortly after we had lost our sweet Border/Collie-Shepherd of 16years. By chance or fate my husband and 18 year old son saw The Mid Arizona Sheltie Rescue group in front of PETSMART. They quickly noticed Baxter who was such a character and ball of energy and they started to ineteract with him. My husband and son were so taken with the little guy that they called the rest of the family to come to PETSMART and meet him. We all fell in love with his cute personality and friendly, energetic attitude--something we all needed as we had been grieving the loss of our beloved Opal. He really took to the kids, ages 9, 18, and 20 whos energy he seemed to feed off of and visa-versa. We soon discovered his many talents, like spinning at the speed of light every time the doorbell rings, something we all get a kick out of and never tire of watching. He loves to play fetch and has coveted most of our nine-year old daughter's bouncy balls. He loves her pink Strawberry Shortcake and Disney Princess ones the best and we love that about him. He loves chasing the kids through the house and outside too. Our nine year old daughter recently dicovered an excercise mini-tramp and began using it until Baxter decided it made a comfy bed. He still lets Rachel use it when he's not busy napping etc. in his new bed.
With Baxter in our lives now, we all seem to smile a little bigger, laugh harder and hug a little longer, something he loves from all of us. We all are so thankful for the day our precious sheltie came into our lives and took over our house. In fact we love him so much and have loved the experience of adopting him through The Mid Arizona Sheltie Rescue, that we have decided to find him a friend. We have been visiting with Baxter's friends from the Sheltie Rescue in hopes of finding him a buddy and a new family member to love and grow with. Our sincere thanks goes out to all of the special people of The Mid Arizona Shelty Rescue, they have truly impacted our lives in a wonderful way!

Tim, Diane, Heidi, David and Rachel


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