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BLEU - His Success Story  

Helping out with the Sheltie Rescue Group has been a wonderful experience for me.. I loved helping by holding the dogs and feeling the hope and joy when one was adopted. I met many beautiful, lovable shelties that I would have taken home in a minute. But we were a “one-sheltie family” and that was Pixel (Pixie), FINAL !! We had never had two dogs and it wasn’t in the cards for us to do so.
Among the sweet shelties I met, one stood out. His name was Bleu (at some point was called Shadow) and he had gorgeous blue eyes that could melt your heart. I saw him a time or two and then one day, as I was getting ready to go to the adoption event, my husband decided he would drop me off and take our sheltie, Pixie, for a walk at the Preserve while I was at Petsmart volunteering. When he came back, his attention was caught by a blue eyed double merle boy… Bleu. As we drove home, Ken asked questions about this sheltie. What was his story? Was he in foster care? How had he come to the group? I thought it interesting, but didn’t give it much mind as I “knew” we would not ever foster or adopt a second dog. More questions came over the next few days. Then THE BIG ONE was asked… would the group allow us to take over fostering Bleu? I was shocked and excited, but didn’t believe it would actually happen and didn’t want to get my hopes up.
But the impossible did happen… Bleu cast his blue eyed spell on my husband and came to live in our hearts and home. We fostered him for just three days and knew he would stay with us forever. Pixie now had a brother and play-mate. Five minutes after they met in our backyard, they were best friends. Bleu is a sweet, gentle boy. We have watched him gain weight (he weighed 12 pounds when rescued, 15 when we got him from his foster home and now he weighs 20 pounds), develop a “sheltie coat”, and take many steps forward from where he was when he came to us. Every first, no matter how small, has been cause for happiness. The littlest signs of progress that most dog owners would take completely for granted fill our hearts with joy and make us smile and laugh – the first time he gave us a tiny butterfly kiss, waking up to find him asleep on the bed – both of these many, many months after he came here to live. He has been a happy, silly, crazy boy outdoors since shortly after we adopted him. But inside the house has been – and still is – a greater challenge. Bleu didn’t know how to play, he was an extremely picky eater, and spent the majority of his time hiding under Ken’s desk in his “cave” as we called it. He is now much more playful inside the house, eats well most of the time, and has “come out of his cave” to enjoy watching TV with us and relaxing for a nap on our bed. He still flees as though running for his life when a piece of paper flutters, or something falls on the floor. He startles very easily and remains extremely skittish. But he is a darling boy and we love him dearly. When he came to us, he had never walked on a leash before. Now one of his greatest pleasures is to GO FOR WALKS! Asking if he wants to go for a walk causes an explosion of excitement. Yipping, jumping, barking, kissing, leaping around and more.
Bleu spent the first two years of his life living in a cage. He was part of a hoarding situation comprised of 45 shelties. He was not given affection, played with or socialized in any way. Our beautiful blue-eyed heart-breaker loves to be snuggled and petted now. We are happy to say he is as spoiled as his sister, Pixie. He is our baby Bleu boy.

The emotional damage runs deep and even after a year and four months, he still does not trust easily. But he has come so far and we are very proud of our “Bubba” boy. When we feel frustrated at his skittishness, we need only glance at the photograph taken just after he was rescued to be reminded how just how far he has come since that day. Having a second dog wasn’t “supposed” to happen… but it now seems like it was always meant to be.

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