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BOGEY - His Success Story  

Here is an update on Bogey (aka Kenny). This is the third month we have had Bogey. He is doing great. I walk him (and Holly) 2 1/2 miles early every morning plus (Bogey only) another 1/2 to 1 mile late afternoon and evening. He walks really well on an expandable leash, gets on fine with Holly and now eats on a regular schedule morning and afternoon.
He is still shy and would stay in our bedroom but when we are home, we get him into the living room and close the bedroom door. He moves around for a few minutes, then sits next to my chair. He has still not let out any sounds - no bark. I assume he eventually will. Overall, he is a wonderful, gentle animal and we are glad to have him. It will be interesting to see how he will ride in our car for 9 hours when we leave for our summer in New Mexico where the weather will be cool (8000 foot elevation) and lots of trees - we are in Lincoln National Forest.
When the weather has allowed it, we sit out on our patio with the door open and Bogey stays right near us WITHOUT being on a leash. At the last half of our morning walk, I let him and Holly off their leashes and they follow me home with no problems. All in all, we are really happy with Bogey and believe he has made tremendous progress during these three months. Any time you and/or Sheila would like to stop by and see him, please give us a call.

Bill Bishop

UPDATE - October 31, 2011

Well, it's been almost one year that we have had Bogey and it's been great. He is still a little shy and is spooked by sudden noises,but he is gentle beyond belief. And only ONCE has he made a sound - a bark. This was caused be a very loud clap of thunder which, in the mountains of New Mexico, can really be loud. I take he and Holly for our early morning 2 mile walk every day with both on a leash. Aside from wanting to smell, and sprinkle every rock and mailbox, he walks very well. And in the afternoon and evening, I take him out for a short walk so he can do "his business" and don't even use a leash. He walks right beside me and never wanders off. Or we can leave the doors open and he stays right by us. And he looks super. We cut back a little on his food as the Vet wants to keep him around 40 pounds. He had gotten up to 46. But it doesn't bother him as he seems almost indifferent to food. And if you give him a small biscuit, he takes it from your hand so softly you can hardly feel it. We wish we had more background on him, but he is what he is and that's fine. Sue and I are gone a fair amount - playing golf, etc, and the two dogs seem to keep each other company.

We returned from our summer in the New Mexico mountains where it is green and cool. Both dogs loved it and probably will miss it until it gets cooler here. Although at 6;30 am, it's quite comfortable for their walk.

We're very happy with him and I think the feeling is mutual. He jumps up on our bed at night like he owns the place and that's fine by us. With both he and Holly there, I'm glad we have a king sized bed. If you are out this way, stop by and see us. Bill Bishop

Bill Bishop

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