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BREEZY - Her Success Story  

"Well I have to say thank you to whom ever had to give her up. Iam sure it was a very hard decision. First of all she runs up the stairs (she couldnt get up her self with her hind legs) she speeky to wake me up and I realized very quickly she was hungry!. She follows me every where and I just love her. She licks my hand and is adjusting slowly. I sing to her always "my easy breezy cover girl" or "your the doggy in the whole wide world"!

My neighbors may think I'm a little crazy but I show her as much attention as i can or where we are. I call her my little princess because she is. I want her to have the best life possible for the rest of her little life she has left. Everyone stops to pet her while we are on our walks. Such a joy she has brought into my life and keeps me so much company.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to adopt her! I just love her....."

Margaret Bosiacki Surprise Az

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