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DYLAN - Has found his forever home!  


Just a quick update on Dylan for you folks. He is adjusting well to his new home. My black cat Koko and Dylan have become good friends. The other day I saw Koko let Dylan sniff his feet! My other cat Satori, who is a little more shy, is also becoming used to Dylan being in the house with her. Both cats, Dylan and I were all lying on my bed yesterday. I wanted to take a picture but didn't have my camera handy.

My cockapoo Lucy loves going for walks with Dylan and I around the neighboring sidewalks. We walk every morning for about 30-40 minutes. Dylan went to his first garage sale Saturday morning and behaved extremely well.

Lucy is trained not to bark back at other dogs who are barking from their back yards, and Dylan is taking her lead and listening to my "quiet" command like a champ! His favorite thing is to lay in my lap, or on the couch with Daddy at night while we watch tv. He is an active boy who thinks he owns all the toys. Lucy doesn't quite understand why he won't share, but she takes it in stride. After all--there's enough toys for everyone!

We went to Tucson for the day yesterday and Dylan went to doggie-day care for the first time. I have attached his report card and a couple of pics of his visit there. It only took a couple of days to potty-train Dylan. As his mother, I have figured out just when he needs to go out. My husband and I think that in a week, we probably will let him sleep in our room at night with Lucy. He is such a sweet boy and has already learned the "stay" command, especially when we are going into or out of a door.

November 3rd, we started Dog Training with Rocky Boatman from the Sierra Vista Parks and Recreation Dept. It will be six weeks of Saturday mornings. I think he will really like it.

I took Dylan and Lucy to the dog park on Monday. A woman came in with a 3 year old Sheltie female, who she said came from a breeder in Queen Creek. She told us the dog doesn't like people or other dogs. Well, her dog and Dylan became fast friends. She was amazed because no other dogs got along with her. She was very shy, but Dylan is so gentle and easy going that she looked like his mother and they followed each other around the huge park for a long time.

I will send the photos in two batches. I'll update you again when I can.

Thank you for rescuing our new baby boy - Dylan. He has certainly added love, joy and excitement to our Sierra Vista home.

Jo Ann and Dennis

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