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HOPE and her new family!


Dear Phyllis,

Just wanted to send a note letting you know how Hope is doing. First of all, she is one incredible dog. I am amazed at how gentle and loving she is and how well she has fit into my household. It is obvious how well she was treated in your home because she is one happy and well-adjusted little girl. I am one lucky lady that I was able to adopt her. I will never be able to thank you and Bonnie enough for saving her.

I brought her to my vet and we had a full panel done, thyroid testing, heartworm testing, urinalysis and fecal. Everything came back great except for the urinalysis. She has a UTI but we started her on antibiotics last Monday and so it should be cleared up in no time.

My whole family has fallen in love with her and my aunt (who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer) has declared that Hope is her own personal therapy dog and that "we need some Hope in our family right now". By the way, you said that you didn't know how she would be with kids so I have to tell you that she LOVES kids. Her favorite person at a small family gathering was my cousin's infant son. Hope had to be next to him at all times.

Thanks again for giving me such a special gift and an incredible furry family member.



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