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MAGGIE (TUPPY) - Her Success Story  


I can't brag about our new furry daughter enough. She is such a love!!! She is a lap dog and wants to be right near us at all times. And, she is Daddy's Girl mostly, which I am thankful for because he took the loss of our last dog so hard.

I renamed her Maggie cause I have always wanted a female Sheltie named Maggie and she took to the name very quickly. She loves to play, cuddle and eat! The vet has her on a diet cause she is 7lbs overweight. She eats a weight control food and we take her out on walks every morning.


Maggie is very protective of our 12-1/2 year old female Sheltie. They get along really well. Riley, our 3 year old Sheltie can be rambunctious when he plays and both girls let him know when it's time to settle down! They all get along really well and are so gentle with each other and with us.

She has a funny odd thing she does is when she is really happy or enjoying something -- she will act like she is chewing something or perhaps suckling? I've never seen an adult dog do that before. She loves my mother-in-law who is in her 80s. She won't leave her alone and does that chewing/suckling thing with her most of all. It's the most interesting thing to watch. I know Maggie (Tuppy) has been through a lot, but she is adjusting wonderfully to her new home.


  UPDATE - October 14, 2011

"Just want to express that we have had 8 shelties in the last 27 years. We love this breed very much and feel we know them pretty well. All these years I have desired to have like-minded folks to chat with about my shelties. Never did till I met the wonderful hard-working, conscientious folks of MASSC Rescue who work so hard to place shelties in good homes. We have been the recipient of one of their rescues..Tuppy/Maggie...and as a result I have made some new friends and finally get to share/brag about my shelties kids like parents get to do with their human kids. Thanks so much Massc Rescue for all you do and thanks to all the wonderful sheltie parents I have met as a result!!! I love hearing all your stories, good & sad. Many thanks again!!!"


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