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SAMMY - His Success Story  

Sammy came with us just about New Year's and it did not take long to know we were going to keep him forever. He has made himself part of our family and seems to guard everything for us (he was a previous ranch dog). He loves his new Best Friend Missy our 8 year old who was in mourning of the loss last summer of her best bud for 8 years KC.

Sammy has brought a lot more love into our family and Missy is in love with life again (thanks to Sammy). They romp and run and bark with each other and Sammy is herding her everywhere all the time and she loves it. He loves to go for walks and rides and will get so excited about it. So he is adapting great to his new life and bringing us all a lot of joy. He definately is in his forever home now........... The Skaarlands




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